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Since launching we are on hand to provide professional solutions for businesses in need of speedy, accurate translations throughout Austria and abroad at competitive prices. We guarantee data protection, the security of confidential information and company's trade secrets of my clients.


As a professionally trained teacher, translator and interpreter for English, German and Russian I provide Language Services in the following areas: ​


  • Environmental Technology

  • Automotive & Engineering​

  • Medicine & Biotechnology

  • Power Generation & Distribution

  • Oil & Gas

  • Banking & Finance

  • Sustainable Ressource & Waste Management

  • Incineration Technology

  • Design & Architecture

  • Music & Art

  • Marketing & PR

  • Tourism & Wellness

  • Beauty, Fashion & Sport


  • Children's Literature & Games

  • Localization of Websites, Apps, Games and other Software

About me

Marina Kovaleva, MA, MA

Translator and Interpreter, intercultural communication expert, language trainer

More on LinkedIn:

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