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Price policy

To request a quote or detailed information, please contact me via the contact form, email or phone. Prices are individual according to the scope and type of order. For long-term or repeated assignments, I provide you an attractive price or a package deal.

I offer discounts to my regular clients.


As a professionally trained interpreter for German, Russian and English, I use the techniques of consecutive and whispered interpreting and support you or your guests at any event. So that you or your invited guests can easily follow the event.

The price for the interpreting is calculated based on the duration of the assignment. A distinction is made between Half Day (up to 4 hours) and Full Day rates (up to 8 hours). Every additional hour will be charged with a corresponding hourly rate.

For short-term assignments (e.g. interpreting when signing contracts or other documents and agreements by a notary, appointments by a lawyer or a doctor, etc.), a flat fee applies, which covers all interpreting costs.


The costs of translations depend on the number of words in the source language. In the case of high text complexity or texts that are handwritten, the costs are calculated according to the number of lines (one line = 55 characters, including spaces) of the translation (= target language). Thus, my prices are always fix prices.

For a large amount of texts to be translated, I’ll quote you the best price or a flat fee. For larger projects where standardized terminology is required, e.g. the translation of websites or technical documentation, I mainly use CAT tools such as Trados or Across. The use of this high-tech translation software allows significant price advantages for you as the client. To regular clients I offer discounts.

All translations are proofread by a partner translator according to the 4 eyes principle. So I guarantee you high quality of each of my translations before I hand them over to you.

You will receive a quote immediately after the word file (.doc or .docx) has been sent. The translation process will be started immediately after receiving your confirmation. All payments from regulars are agreed individually.

For new customers and one-time orders: If the translation text contains more than 15 translation pages (1800 characters with spaces), an advance payment of 50% is required. The translation process will be started only after prepayment or sending a payment confirmation.

All information is confidential, if required a non-disclosure agreement can be signed.

Proofreading & Editing

I support you in quality assurance of your written texts of all kinds (German, English and Russian) or take over proofreading and/or editing of your translations into Russian. The price is calculated on an hourly rate or as a flat fee.


I transcribe your audio and video files into text and/or digitize your handwritten texts. The price depends on your individual requirements and wishes.

The following transcription rules for audio and video files are taken into account:

  • Linguistic transcription: the transcription e.g. an interview is carried out as precisely as possible, i.e. keeping the dialect and other linguistic features. This means that "uh" and "hm" will be also written down.

  • Simplified transcription: The transcription is made literally. The standard language is used, no dialects kept. Terminations, stuttering and duplication of words are omitted and punctuation is set for a smooth readability.

  • Summary transcription: This kind is rarely found in academic papers and is more used for transcribing discussions or meetings. It is not word for word transcription, but rather a summary of what has been said (a kind of a protocol).


The following transcription rules for texts are taken into account:

  • Phonetic transcription (IPA): The graphic representation of speech sounds by means of symbols. It is widely used in transcribing lyrics or in learning the pronunciation of foreign languages (book ['buk], danke (thank you) [' daŋkə] or рыба (fish) ['rɨbə]).

  • Transliteration (DIN, ISO, GOST, BSI, ALA): Conversion of characters of one script to characters of another. For example, the conversion of non-Latin script (Cyrillic) by means of the Latin alphabet. It is widely used in writing geographical names, own names (Boris Nikolaevič Elʹcin) or in writing web addresses.


Prices are set-up per minute of audio or video or at an hourly rate when digitizing handwritten texts or transcribing texts.

Language Technology & Localization

I support you in preparing your software, app, website or video game for the international market. I accompany you carefully and professionally with every necessary step forward. Together, we adjust the entire results up to the last detail for the target market.

Localization prices are according to the amount of the text (number of characters, words or lines), existing tags, key words and formatting. In case of small volumes, a flat fee applies, which covers all costs.

Language training & cross-cultural coaching for Business

Language training is ideal for all professional groups who have to work with foreign-language business partners or tourists. All courses are hold in your usual working environment, in or out of your OFFICE.

I will provide a course book recommendation including exercise sheets I have worked out and specific vocabulary lists with practical examples. Lessons can be set differently throughout the course duration.

Max. Number of participants: 15 people.

Price: from EUR 600,-

Contact me and we will design a special language course to suit your own unique needs.

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