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Translation & Interpretation

I love my work and it’s not a secret. But what makes me really happy is when I see my contented clients. I can assist you through a range of services your business may need to achieve your Business Goals in Russian speaking countries.

I interpret throughout Austria and internationally:

  • Business meetings & company tours

  • Product presentations & trade shows

  • Company trainings

  • Christenings, weddings, family events & Co.

  • At governmental organizations

  • Medical & Healthcare organizations


I translate:

  • Presentations, hand outs & marketing materials

  • Company directions, minutes & protocols

  • User & product manuals

  • Installation & data protection instructions

  • Assignments, contracts & agreements

  • Technical reports, assessments & clinical reports

  • Articles, essays & abstracts for Bachelor, Master or Dissertation theses  

  • Website 

Telephone & Video Interpreting

The show must go on - even in the challenging CORONA times. You have no opportunity to meet your business partners personally? No problem!

Telephone or video interpreting is the solution!

Video conferences for two or even more participants can now be established with various, even free programs and tools simply by clicking on the Internet. The connection with or without picture is optional for each participant.

This form of communication is often used for negotiations or meetings, but also in the health sector for a conversation between doctor and patient and of course for private conversations.

Your advantages:

  • Eliminate travel expenses for participants & interpreters

  • Little technical effort required

  • Short-term planning possible, because no present interpreter has to be booked

  • Cheapest solution for direct communication worldwide

Proofreading & Editing

Editing is more than just correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation (proofreading). Here the emphasis is placed on the content and style of your texts. I will maintain a clear focus on the target group, the text category and on how it is to be disseminated, and in the course of this work will propose changes in style and possibly also content to produce the best possible text in each situation. 

Language training & Cross-cultural coaching

Are your Business Partners worldwide and you want to understand not only their language but also their culture? I provide language trainings for individuals & companies and help you to achieve improved and effective cross-cultural competence (the ability to understand people from different cultures), which helps you to develop the mutual understanding and human relationships that are necessary for achieving your professional goals and building a better relationship to your Business Partners or international collegues.


All my trainings are individually organized to fit the industry you’re in and practically oriented to achieve the goals you set, whether it is a business trip, an employees’ training, crash or refresher Course. To prepare the learning content suitable for you, I have a look at your company and meet you personally to discuss the details.

Lectures & Thematic Presentations

Do you want to talk about a specific topic? I prepare presentations and workshops to a defined topic for you. Your suggestions, wishes and individual requirements for any presentation are to be agreed on.


Following lectures are popular:

• Overview of the CIS countries

• Regional differences in Russia

• Traditions and customs

• Kitchen and lifestyle & Hospitality and habits

• Russian soul and mindset

• Negotiations with Russians, etc.

• Storytelling for Business

• Business Conflict management


Do you want to discover new potential for your company? Do you want to attract more foreign customers? Or you just want to know more about a specific topic?

I conduct research for you in a foreign language. Do not hesitate to contact me!

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